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Post Could this be... movie news?

It certainly could be, and it certainly is! While this may come as a shock to many of you, you'll be happy to know that an ex-MADtv cast member -- more specifically, Alex Borstein -- has a small role in Disney's The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Here's the jazz on that, blatantly ripped from Yahoo!:
Graduating from junior high school, Lizzie McGuire (Duff) goes to Italy for her summer vacation. Lizzie's inner thoughts are represented on the screen in the form of an animated version of herself.

This movie is based upon the popular TV series, "Lizzie McGuire", which aired on the Disney Channel in 2001-2002, as part of their "Zoog Weekendz" schedule, and also airs on ABC Saturday mornings. The series ended production after 65 episodes, with the franchise now moving to the big screen instead.
Those of you with children or child-like tendencies will want to look for this baby in theaters starting May 2nd, 2003.

Additionally, Miss Borstein will be playing opposite Denis Leary in the upcoming sex comedy, Bad Boy. Assuming this does indeed hit theaters, it could prove to be a real hoot. Here's the synopsis:
In order to collect his million dollar inheritance from his grandmother, a promiscuous playboy (Leary) must apologize to the legions of women (Hurley, others) he has slept around with over the years...
Once again, thanks go out to MADMADMAD for those leads.

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