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Default What are some themes that will most certainly be parodied?

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and just signed up today. Nice to see a forum is out there dedicated to the greatest late night sketch comedy show ever made. Excited to hear about it getting renewed yet a little nervous about The CW being the network taking the reigns.

Upon my realization I immediately began to wonder what things happened since the show went off the air that is ripe for the pickings for the new series. MADtv seemed to never hold back on the more controversial subjects so I get the feeling that anything is up for grabs.

Some things I feel will definitely be made fun of.
  1. Steven Seagal's Weight Gain
  2. Bill Cosby's Rape Allegations
  3. Transgender Restroom Laws (possibly with a new character)
  4. Donald Trump's (also general 2016 primaries) Presidential Campaign
  5. The popularity of Minecraft. (Although, "MAD" already done this)

What else would be ripe for parodying?
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