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Default Oprah Winfrey

Debra Wilson (21 Appearances)

106 Oprah Winfrey: Severe Traumas
220 Oprah Winfrey: Michael Jackson
303 The Rosie Show with Oprah Winfrey
601 Vagina Monologues
619 Men Mars Women Venus Cybill Hell
626 Oprah's Book Club
705 Oprah: The Jeannie Fanucci Story
707 Oprah and Dr. Phil
716 Dot On Oprah
722 Politically Incorrect: Marriage
723 The 54th Annual Emmy Awards: James Gandolfini
802 The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Real Oprah
806 Oprah Winfrey's Dr. Phil Show: Plastic Surgery
811 Oprah’s Cash Giveaway!
820 Celebrity Man vs. Beast
821 Dr. Phil Makes a House Call
822 Oprah: Thinning Camera
825 Oprah's Jackass
1013 Phantom of the Oprah
1417 Oprah Winfrey Gives Back
1503 Oprah: My Journey with Weight Watchers

Daniele Gaither (1 Appearance)

1003 MADtv 'Your Wildest Dreams Have Come True'

Nicole Randall Johnson (5 Appearances)

1108 Runaway TV Audience Bleachers
1215 Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #1-3
1219 Dr. Phil: HD Truth Cam

Daheli Hall (1 Appearances)

1312 Barack Obama & Oprah: "O"

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