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Yeah, but they ALWAYS show the recurring characters from past seasons in the first 10 episodes, and most of them start in the Top 5. Especially Rusty, who is a major recurring character. Even Fightin' Ron, who only gets two sketches a season, appeared in episode #709. Unless, of course, it's a character that only shows up once a season (like Mickey, GAP Troll, Shauna, Allison, Paul Timberman, Jasmine Wayne-Wayne and Michael McLoud). Unless they did that with Rusty, Drama Queen, Fightin' Ron, and Walter and Amber, but I doubt it - especially Rusty and Drama Queen, since they appeared so often.

Cat, I agree with you - that's my favorite Drama Queen sketch too. Talk about a bizarre actress :o But I also loved that sketch where she bumped into a "former lover" (a little boyfriend she had in elementary school) lol
And yeah, I pretty much agree, that's the only Rusty sketch that I really liked, but it was pretty much only because of Susan Sarandon herself, not Rusty. I've never found This 'n' That remotely funny. And whenever he's in regular sketches (which is extremely rare), he's incredibly annoying.

Oh, and Kai - as far as I know, they only did one Politically Incorrect sketch before season seven, and it was in episode #503, where they had Phil LaMarr play Bill Maher (which is strange, but he was still good). But it wasn't a recurring segment until season seven.
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