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*Forumers i've met in person
Nik, cause we randomly lived in the same town and went to the same school. He tried to get me to go to Burger King but I never did. Then the turd moved to Cali.

*Forumers i've talked on the phone with
Morgan and Nik a few times, once with BOTH (omgzz)

*Forumers i text message

*Forumers i talk to frequently on msn/yahoo/aim/whatever
Morgan, Nik... I used to talk to Mark, Kurt, Newt, and Alyssa quite frequently but not for ages

*Forumersi'd like to meet in the near future
I dunno you all might be rapists But I mean, if not, then all y'all crazy bitches would be cool to meet someday. We could have a CONVENTIONN


oh hey, this place is different

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