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Heres a few:
Why do I never get songs I like stuck in my head (I've had Miss New Booty and Dragostea Din Tei stuck in my head for days now)?

What the hell is with those flat wooden spoons you sometimes get with ice cream? Is it that much more expensive to mold some plastic into a spoon shape so we can eat like human beings?

What does a Japanese keyboard look like? If they don't really use a phonetic alphabet and instead use characters that indicate words or parts of words, how come theres not thousands of keys on their keyboards?

Why did Pepsi change the taste of my beloved diet mountain dew after getting me addicted to it?

Why aren't PC companies making anti-mac ads in retaliation to apple's new "pc users are silly, lets make fun of them" campaign? Snug bastards....

Why does this odor absorbing air freshener gel that I just got for my room attract flies


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