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Originally posted by nickOFmacedonia
Have you had any other experiences with castmembers, other than Bobby?

I'm hoping that there's Friday that I'm off of school and there's a taping, because I've wanted to go really badly. I'm really jealous.
Not really heh, but I've also met Keegan, and met Aries back when he was still on the show. I think they and Bobby are the only cast members I've met - all the others I've just seen in person. And I've met Steven Cragg, but he's not a cast member.

Next one is January 27th, I think, at 4:30 PM, or at least that's what that site says.

Originally posted by ~TJ~
Aww I'm jealous too. Its too bad Frank Caeti wasn't there but it still sounds like it was a cool experience. Some day I WILL see a MadTV taping. Mark My Words!!!
Good luck! Just have to get the tickets in advance before anyone else does at that website. (

Originally posted by Texas
Aw, that sounds like so much fun... Except for the whole Bobby Lee's stomach in your face thing...
Haha it's pretty embarrassing, but I just laugh about it later and then I don't mind it too much... x]


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