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Default I was at the MADtv live taping on Friday!'s my personal experience. But also go here and scroll down down down until you see my name and that's where I posted all the sketches I saw.

So, my younger sister, her friend, and I all went. My dad works on MADtv, so we go often, and we don't need tickets, and we can sit anywhere we want, and if we go early we can eat where the cast and crew eat lunch, and we've met a lot of the cast and crew, soo we're pretty lucky. Just explained so that you wouldn't get confused about why we got to do this or that...

So, we got there at around 3:30. We always go early so we can eat a late lunch where all the cast members and crew eat, like I said. This time, we saw Michael McDonald, Nicole Parker, Keegan-Michael Key, umm, maybe Jordan Peele too? I forget now, but yeah, we saw a bunch of people. When we were all sitting down my dad got up to get us drinks and Michael McDonald asked him if we were 18 yet, as a joke, hehe.

We went to pick our seats after we ate. I sat in the second row, in the aisle seat, and my sister and her friend sat directly behind me, with my sister in the aisle seat and her friend next to her. We had about an hour and a half until it started at 5:30. It was boring at first, just sitting there, watching the crew fix the lights and test the sound and such. But later, Frank Caliendo came out in just normal clothes to practice his George Dubya, which was to be the first live sketch shown. It was cool watching them practice. And in between doing it, Frank was talking about ping-pong to the crew around him, about some strategies he's learned from Bobby, who's like the ping-pong champion there, hah. My dad has played against Bobby too and also says he's really, really good.

Eventually the seats around us filled, and Blas (the guy who entertains everyone in between sketches and gives away stuff) came out. It's sort of funny; he has the same jokes everytime. It's especially noticeable since I've been to a taping three times in a row now, heh , which is actually like 6 times, since there are two shifts a night, and we always stay for both.

Nothing TOO eventful happened. Last time Bobby Lee grabbed me and kissed me on the forehead. This time, Bobby came up to say hi to everyone and he rubbed/pet my head twice (once on the way up and once on the way down) and on the way down he turned to me and lifted up his shirt and massaged his belly, and pretended to be about to pull down his pants (he's aaalways wearing these tight jeans, haha) aaand said something funny, that maybe I shouldn't say here? Heh, but yeah, I was laughing the whole time. He is sooo crazy funny. There's nothing he won't say or do. It's so hard to say whether or not he remembers me from when I met and talked to him, because of all the stuff he's done to me during the tapings. xD Does he just happen to come to me everytime?

Umm, besides that, let's see...Blas sang to me with the music, but he did that last time I went too. Pretty embarrassing, heh. Everyone in the audience just stares at you.

And, the most (sort of) frustrating part of the night, I could have been on TV, like actually talking on it! You see, there were randomly-placed stars of David on just three of the seats in the audience. So you know how my sister, he friend, and I could sit anywhere we wanted. And I saw that star and was thinking of sitting in that seat because I thought something special might happen with that, but nooooo, I sit RIGHT next to it. So the person RIGHT next to me went down! Oh well. I'll be on TV when it shows the guy who was next to me walking past me and down to Marvin. That'll be sort of cool, because it was on him for quite a few seconds, and probably pretty close-up. I'm wearing a red T-shirt that has Little Red Riding Hood on it and it says, "It's all good in the hood."

Um, not that you care. Yeah, but anyway, that was pretty much my night. It went on really late! Until 1 AM! One of the latest nights they've ever gone, some of the crew said. Remember, if you want to read about the sketches I saw, I posted them here.

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