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See I don't have much of a problem borrowing the term thick from the brothas because I can relate to them on their idea of beauty. A lot of the time it seems white guys are into really thin women and that's the standard of beauty they grow up in. I heard though that in the black community in America, it's usually the thin women who get ostracized and the ones with hips, thighs, etc are considered beautiful. Damn white people are giving me a bad name...

Ok, so I admit, my sources on this theory include one of those "social experiment" episodes of the Tyra Banks show, but my point is still valid

10 is a pretty damn short list though. I could rack up 10 people I'd put on that list just going to my college and returning home one day. I think that once a woman's body reaches some kind of "critical hotness mass" as far as waist hip ratio, fat distribution, etc., the finer qualities like their facial features, personality and past criminal record all become irrelevant


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