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Originally posted by Keepsakers
Ha--ha, good one...

There's genius in simplicity, as they say. Or so the legend is told.

LOL trying to track him down, I see... Watch out, Nicole!
LOL! When will you realize I'm a changed man!?

But no, I didn't realize he was from your hometown. That's pretty cool! And Josh is from mine! Well, the same state anyway.
As long as we're discussing celebrity links, I have one that tarza will no doubt find stimulating -- Chris Benoit went to my high school! Not that *you'll* care, mind you, but I figured I'd bring it up anyway just to sound like a big-shot.

Originally posted by mrekim
Nope no sister, just Ron
Doh, that would've been a fun coincidence! I used to know a girl named Brandi Pederson in high school.

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