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Post Orlando Jones to Appear on "House"

Looks like the newer cast members aren't the only ones getting into the former MADtv cast member in newer roles party, as Orlando Jones is coming back to the network that got his start, as he will be playing Marcus Foreman, the brother of Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) on the hit Fox tv show "House".

Marcus, according to Entertainment Weekly has been a long lost member of character Eric's family tree. Unseen on the show, and only mentioned in passing. The reason for Marcus's large scale invisability on the show has been due to him being incarcerated, which he will be up for release when he and Eric reunite. The reason for his incarceration may be due to the troubled childhood he and Eric were placed in. According to the source, main character Gregory House will be "sticking his nose where it doesn't belong" when Eric and Marcus reunite.

At this point, being a former MADtv cast member is looking more and more like a profitable decision outside of the show than ever before, as MAD cast members are getting more work outside of the show than ever before. It really makes you wonder who will be the next former cast member to enter the party. Mo? Debra? At this point it could be anyone, and I can't wait to see who will be next.


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