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Sketch Pad is airing on HBO, so I'm putting it here.

HBO, Sun Aug 22 04:40am EDT
• Sketch Pad
HBOP, Sun Aug 22 07:40am EDT
• Sketch Pad
HBOHD, Sun Aug 22 04:40am EDT

Check out the cast (awesome)...

Credited cast:
Tami Sagher .... Second City
Rich Talarico .... Second City
Ashley L. Clark .... ACME Comedy Theatre
Joanna Daniels .... ACME Comedy Theatre
[/b]Bryan Callen[/b] .... Vic Malone
Tony Mennuto .... Live on Tape
Alec Holland .... Live on Tape
Jennifer Coolidge .... The Groundlings
Jennifer Joyce .... The Groundlings
Kevin McDonald .... Kids in the Hall
Dave Foley .... Kids in the Hall
Thomas L. Bolster .... Live on Tape

Does anyone have HBO? I realized this was a tv show and I didn't know he was a regular (Vic Malone) has anyone already seen this?

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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