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No, we shouldn't re elect president bush. He has lost a 500 billion dollar Surplus in the couse of three years. Not only has he lost the money that we had, he's lost money that we don't have. His tax breaks benifitted mostly the upper class 2% of the country and gave back barely anything to the true heart of this country, the hard working middle and lower classes. Do you know how bad our deficit is right now? We're at a three trillion dollar loss. Do you know how much money that is? Well, I broke it down like this. The hourly minimum wage job is 6.50, right? So that means that you would have to work 461,538,461,538 hours to pay that off. That's 19,230,769,230 days, OR 52,687,038 years! Plus, he's stuck us in iraq, where 400 of our soldiers have died, for no good reason. Atleast there was a reason to go Afghanistan, but this war only benefits the wealthy businesses that get to rebuild iraq, and puts more and more of our soldiers lives in danger, There was no reason to put or soldiers lives, or our money into iraq, and now we'll be stuck there, for years- probably until the end of time, just like the korean front. We didn't even find any wepons! I mean, Bush FLAT OUT LIED to all of us, not to mention countless foreign governments- and We want to re elect him? Clinto got impeached for lying aout his sex life- but we're going to re elect a guy who makes up an entire WAR! Man, I hate that guy, I can't wait for another GOOD President, But there aren't any good candidates
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