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Originally Posted by Vote for the Worst
Remember the girl from this year's auditions who was a karaoke singer that sings in a cover band? Well it turns out, the Seattle Times reports that Danielle Hayes never made it to Hollywood after getting her golden ticket. No one knows what happened- whether she dropped out or was disqualified.
Wah wahhhhh!

As for Ellen, she's doing... about as well as anyone with no musical background could, I guess. I'm just surprised they didn't extend an offer to Katy Perry. Aside from Simon, she's easily the best judge they've ever had. Many, many lulz in that episode.

I have absolutely no favorites thus far (which probably signifies another sausage season), but I'm keeping an eye on Katie, the chubby 16-year-old brunette. Here's hoping she impresses soon, be it via stellar performance or belly shirt.

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