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Music Video: Neverland Ranch: This one was okay. Aries' MJ isn't THAT bad, but the material was pretty generic and not anything really too hilarious.
Sprint Text Messaging: This was really funny, I thought...good satire, and a funny commercial overall.
The Simpler Life: Pretty funny, sans the horrible acting of Nicole Richie. Michael's Saddam was meh (it did sound EXACTLY like Mofaz) but the material and writing made it work. A rare incident where cast performance downgraded a sketch.
OnStar: Obviously just a sketch thrown together at the last minute, but it was still decent. Filler, but funny.
Flu Sex: Yeah, this one sucked. Unlike The Simpler Life, cast performance would get an A, but writing would get a D. It ran on wayyy too long, and just wasn't a funny concept anyway. Plus a lot of it was just gross-out humor, which is a pretty cheap excuse for comedy, IMO.
Celebrity Injustise: Now THIS was funny - it did remind me a lot of Weekend Update, but it was still hilarious. Aries was good for a change, and Paul was pretty good too. Plus, the jokes were hilarious. A highlight of the episode for me...the Jessica Simpson joke was the best. LMAO "Other retards have to put on helmets and ride a small bus...".
Disney Girl: Snow White Audition: BEST SKETCH OF THE EPISODE, and also one of the best sketches of Season 9. Disney Girl = . This just proved how Disney Girl needs to be recurred more. Of course, Nicole stipping down was good too. I must say, Aries was good here, too.
Drama Queen: Dinner Theater: Hilarious! Possibly my favorite Drama Queen sketch after the restaraunt one from Season 7. This isn't Stephnie's best character, but she still gets a lot of laughs out of me. Nicole was good too, as usual.
Missing Film Strip: Another pretty good sketch, nothing hilarious, but pretty good.
Encore: Dot on Oprah: The only good sketch from #716...a deserving encore, even if it was obviously just to make it look like Mo was there. Probably my favorite Dot sketch after the Jesus Sighting one from Season 8. (5 stars originally, -1 for encore).

Overall: I liked this episode, it was better then 95% of Season 9. The only thing that bombed was Flu Sex, and while a few other sketches were shaky, it was still a pretty good episode overall. It got better as it when a long, it was pretty good up until Celebrity Justice, and then after that it got awesome IMO (well, at least, the order it played in today on CC). A good episode, one of the best from the sucky Season 9.


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