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Here's my review of last night's episode:

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb: The only thing I liked about this was the fact that Bobby had his chance in the spotlight, and I think he did very well considering the material they gave him to work with. I'm so sick of the lame R&B and rap parodies. There's other music out there. I think this sketch also highlighted the fact that it's time Aries Spears hit the road.

CSI: Probably one of the only good sketches in this episode. Mike and Mo did an excellent job!

Angela: I liked this one a lot. Stephnie is excellent in the role of Angela, and these sketches never fail to make me laugh. It was kind of long, but that's my only complaint.

Queen Of Queens: Frank's impression in this was good. It was also short, which I liked. Other than that, though, it didn't make a huge impression on me.

Jump Rope #5: I'm getting a little tired of these sketches by now, but it did a good job spoofing that Grand Theft Auto video game. The girls who do this, though, are pretty talented.

Commercials: This was OK. It wasn't that great though.

Saddam's Party: Michael was good in this, but the sketch itself was pretty bad. Like a lot of others here, I'm tired of the 9-11 humor.

Bush Family Fitness: Frank and Mo did well with what little material they had here. This sketch didn't strike a chord with me, either.

ENCORE - Murderer (#714): Stephnie and Michael were good here, but this sketch went on for too long. If it had been shorter, it would have been better.

Dating Your Mom: This, in my opinion, sucked. Neither Ike or Josh did particularly well here. The writing was pretty bad too.

t.A.T.u. Performance: Wow. What to say about this. I dislike pop music, so that already made this performance bad for me. It was a terrible act, too. The girls couldn't seem to keep the mics in order, and I KNOW they did not sing that song themselves. And all these pop acts bitch about why people tease them for lip-synching! Good God, this was just terrible. Except for the fake lesbian action, which was mildly funny, and the problems with the mics, this was stupid. I hope MADtv only had them on to laugh at them.

Close/ Jump Rope #6: This was alright, but like I stated before, these sketches are getting kind of old to me.

Overall: This was definately one of the worst episodes of the season, if not the worst itself. The writing wasn't good, and some of the performances were bad too. The only things I liked were Bobby's perfomances, and the tiny bits with Stephnie that we got to see. What made this bad episode even worse, in my opinion, was the fact that Debra was completely absent from this one. She's a majorly important cast member, and very talented, so she left a gaping hole in this episode. I also missed Stephnie. I hope they do better next time.

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