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Default Episode S04E19 (Aired 1999-03-13)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Andrew Bowen, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Guest Starring: Keri Russell

Special Appearance: Daisy Fuentes
  • Open: Cher (Mo- Cher)
  • Gap Tyson (Aries- Mike Tyson)
  • Todos En La Familia (Will- Carroll O'Connor: Archie Bunker, Alex- Jean Stapleton: Edith Bunker, Michael- Rob Reiner: Michael 'Meathead' Stivic, Mo- Sally Struthers: Gloria Bunker Stivic, Phil- Sammy Davis Jr.)
  • UBS Guy: Video Store (Mo- Tina, Will, Phil- UBS Guy: Jaq)
  • Stuart Plays Tee-Ball (Will- Tee-Ball coach, Mo- Doreen Larkin, Michael- Stuart)
  • Snapshot Stories: Aries Spears (Aries- himself, Michael- himself)
  • Felicity (Keri Russell- Felicity, Alex- Mrs. Swan, Michael- Rusty, Nicole- Vancome Lady)
  • Singing Telegram (Andrew- Frank King, Debra, Pat, Nicole)
  • Erascists: St. Patrick's Day (Michael, Andrew, Aries- Reggie, Will- Hugh, Alex- Anne, Nicole- Debbie)
  • Li'l Nestor: Ice Skating *claymation*
  • Arma Get-It-On (Phil- Desperation Lee: Jimmy Quinn, Mo, Aries- Red Foxx, Debra- Cocoa Latite: Professor Regina Calhoon, Will- Kenny Rogers)
  • Encore: Lean Bulime (#304) (Daisy Fuentes- herself)
  • Close: Alex & Cast

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