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Jerry Springer's Alleged Lovers: This sketch got too busy in the end. By the time Lauren got there, it was too much. And with all the yelling and everyone talking over each other, it was hard to follow.

Daughter of Legends #1: A rare sketch. A sketch written by a cast member! I hated this the first time I watched it but I liked it the second time. The highlight was Jamaal going on his rant that his hero fought just so Cerise could straighten her hair and fight for civil rights while she's buying a damn donut.

What would YOU do? #1: This was a show that is very MADtv parody, so for MAD to parody it was a good job by the writers. The highlight was the man calling his friend over to enjoy the beating.

Daughter of Legends #2: Should not have been cut up. The highlight was Cerise thinking an Apartheid was a black man with a part in his hair

What would YOU do? #2: I wasn't mad that they parted these because they needed to be parted. The highlight was Cynthia asking what would you do? We know what he does, what would you do?

Tafari Jones Workplace Reggae #1: By what I have read not a lot of people like this one but I thought it was the best sketch of the night. I love Keegan singing reggae songs, and he looked so funny in that Rastafarian hat and wig. The highlight was the song Beautiful Woman. A truly underrated jem.

What would YOU do? #3: This was getting a little old by this point but it was still funny. I'm still wondering if he passed the test?

Happy Women's Day from MADtv: Has anyone noticed that Nicole seems to wear that outfit a lot? I could swear I have seen her wear that outfit multiple times this season. Anyway, I thought Nicole was great in this one, but I am getting SO tired of the whole Arden drunk chick thing. She seriously needs to find a new act. While Nicole was great in this, Arden ruined the sketch. The highlight was just seeing Nicole as herself not in a closing, because she is so beautiful

Henibana #1: I wasn't sure about this one but it wasn't so bad. I love Keegan's reaction to the chefs work and it was nice seeing MADtv writer Colton Dunn in a sketch. I know I sound like a person who is being bought in by subliminal messaging, but I actually want to go to a Benny Hana's now. The highlight for me was Keegan in this one.

Tafari Jones Workplace Reggae #2: This was unneeded, but I was glad MADtv aired a few sketches before showing this.

Henibana #2: Again, unneeded and didn't make sense.

Tips #1: This one was ok. It wasn't great and I think Bobby's Ann Curry is one of the worst impressions he's ever done, but I think Nicole saved this one. She was definitely the highlight. The best thing was when she really started to go crazy.

Luann Lockhart's Date #1: I was so glad to see Luann in an actual sketch. It was also great that after years of talking about him, we finally see what Luann's abusive boyfriend looks like. He was like Carl for Lorraine. The highlight was MADtv going back through all the insults Luann had said that Kevin gave to her, and having Kevin say them. He said almost all of them. Way to commit MADtv.

Tips #2: This was ok, but what I really think would have been better is if Ann was talking and then Melinda came in in a bald cap yelling at Ann about how stupid she was. That would have been so much better.

Luann Lockhart's Date #2: Ok, except for the reason I have mentioned multiple times. The highlight was Kevin saying that Luann should not kiss her in public jackass.

MADtv Extras: Tips #1: Ok for an extra. The highlight was Bobby swearing off the guy laughing at him.

MADtv Extras: Henibana #1-2: I liked these better, mostly for Keegan. The highlight was the serious hand clapping by Keegan.

Jerry Springer: What have we Learned Tonight?: It was good that they gave Jerry a little more to do than just the first appearance, and this was a different way to end the show. Not bad.

Crista Flanagan Closes: Ok, but I wish MAD added a little more to these, that way they could maybe even eliminate the 2nd part of a sketch.

Out of 95 stars this episode got 61 1/2 from me. That's about a high C- episode. A step up from last weeks travesty but MADtv still has a way to go.


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