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Default Episode S03E21 (Aired 1998-04-11)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Chris Hogan, Pat Kilbane, Lisa Kushell, Phil LaMarr, Will Sasso, Mary Scheer, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Special Appearance: Bryan Callen
  • Lonnie Bell-Attorney at Law (Phil-Lonnie Bell, Aries)
  • Open-Aries (Aries-himself)
  • Darlene McBride's Songs for Children (Nicole-Darlene McBride)
  • Wedding Discussion (Pat, Lisa, Will-Jack)
  • Dharma & Gregs (Pat-Gregory Hines, Nicole-Jenna Elfman)
  • Ritalin Room (Chris-Mr. Mark)
  • MadTV Classic: Suddenly Millenium (from #212) (Bryan-Judd Nelson: Jack Richmond, Phil-Nestor Carbonell: Luis Rivera, Mary-Kathy Griffin: Vicki Rubenstein)
  • Coffee Guy: Stupormarket (Pat-Coffee Guy: Stan McNer, Will-Tammany, Mary-Pearl, Aries-Derek)
  • Gumby Old Men **claymation**
  • Power Friend (Phil-Power Friend, Aries, Nicole)
  • Spy Vs. Spy: Bucket Brigade (from #216) **animation**
  • Stupid, Fat & Ugly (Lisa)
  • Anti-Depressercize Jr. (Will-Tinkle the Happy Panda, Nicole-Charlotte)
  • Close-Debra & the Cast

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