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Originally Posted by MADfan2004 View Post
Yes, that is correct.

It was ten years ago today, March 11, 2004, that I, MADfan2004, first joined Planet MADtv. It was the first forum I ever joined, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I went on to become the most prolific poster on this board, and many others since then. Also, it's the two-year anniversary of the last time I logged in. I missed this place.

I doubt anyone will read or respond to this thread since apparently no one's posted on here since February, but for any lurkers, spammers, and Google spiders, this thread should serve as a good introduction to the single greatest crappiest poster in the history of Planet MADtv, me, MADfan2004.

Thanks for all the memories!
Some things never change, eh?

Welp, off I ride into the sunset again, I logged in just so I could say that.

I've gone minimalist now
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