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Dane Cook hate? Get outta town! Yeah he is funny, but perhaps fame has gotten to his head? Just a suggestion..., But hey, Ike Barinholtz as Dane is pretty darn funny!
Dave Chappelle haters? Gasp!
Thank you for agreeing that Carlos Mencia is in the worst list, also he should be in the list for most OBNOXIOUS stand up comic ever! I kinda liked his Comedy Central special but that's it.
Also, I cant believe I left out Chelsea Handler! Im lost without Chelsea Lately!
Also, I really liked Aisha Tyler. Ive seen her once and ever since been looking if she's doing another stand up gig. People should check her out, shes more than Charlie from Friends!

Would love to hear from more people, especially their reasons for their choices!
Also, would like to hear any recommendations, as I like watching stand up!

Rosannah Dora Frances *cringeworthy* Edwards is engaged to Theodore Francis Begley! I love you so much kiddo!
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