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The scheduled performance of comedian Bobby Lee, who is well known for his act and his appearances on Mad TV, at the Activity Center on Saturday night drew in students, relatives and alumni.

The noted performer and his opening act were late, leading to a well-meaning member of BCA attempting to distract the audience with trivia questions and the chance of getting a front-row seat. The comedian who was slated for the opening act took over after the BCA spokesman was heckled off of the stage.

The opening act only served to infuriate audience members already frustrated by the delay of the expected performance. Nick Yosseff began with a volley of jokes about the hazards of air travel, which failed to raise much laughter from the audience. He then proceeded to discuss the war in Iraq, earning a small scattering of applause for some of his views. The hecklers began to call out at this point, and the comedian failed to respond in a witty and timely fashion, instead spending time on a tangent about one heckler's inebriated girlfriend. When the comedian moved on to his views on President Bush, the crowd got even uglier, with numerous people calling out for him to leave the stage and several of the alumni present walking out of the Activity Center. When a portion of the crowd began chanting for Bobby Lee, the comedian expressed disbelief. The act culminated in the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Tina Blake, asking him to introduce Bobby Lee and leave the stage.

Lee immediately began singling out several audience members for some good-natured teasing. As his act progressed, the atmosphere of hostility built up by the opening act dissipated, and soon the majority of the audience was laughing uproariously at Lee's jokes. The humor tended towards the implications of Lee's ethnicity and his stern father, with a smattering of dirtier subject matter, including a discussion of various strip clubs around the country, thrown in. One student was brought up to the stage after making an incomprehensible comment, and was revealed to be in possession of a small flask, as well as inebriated. Lee convinced ERAU Security not to take any action.

Lee's finale involved him bringing three students up to the stage for a strip show. One man served as an impromptu strip pole, while the other served as the announcer and the music system. The girl was the subject of Lee's dance. After taking a name for the imaginary strip club, "Asian Persuasion," and a stage name, "Cinnamon," from the audience, Lee darted off stage. When the announcer signaled the beginning of the act, Lee came back on to the stage wearing only leopard-skin print briefs. Hilarity ensued.

Lee wrapped up the act, and then came back on to the stage to mollify those calling for an encore. He told two jokes, and then finished for the night, leaving many people satisfied that their time had not been completely wasted.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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