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Post A Quick Timeline: Melissa Paull

In another quick timeline it's time to do Melissa Paull. The feature cast member with the lowest appearances in season 9 than any of the other feature players in season 9. She just couldn't compete with the great cast of feature players there were that season, but she did do some things right, which I will chronicle here, in the Melissa Paull quick timeline.

2003: Melissa gets hired on MADtv as a featured player.

December 20, 2003: Melissa does her first episode on MADtv, playing Jessica Lynch in the sketch entitled An Elizabeth Smart Christmas. Read the transcript

February 14, 2003: Melissa performs her last episode on MADtv. Her last role is as a pizza girl in the Bureau of Porno Actors Registration sketch. Watch the sketch

This is the timeline of the shortest serving MADtv feature cast member of season 9. Currently now Melissa is not doing much in the entertainment industry. She had a small role on The Shield in 2005, and a small role on Curb your Enthusiasm in the same year, but since then, she has not done much. The chances of her returning to MADtv in any major role are slim as she has most likely left the entertainment scene for another career, but she can still say to people in the future that she was on MADtv, and feel happy that she at least made the cut, and got onto a few episodes.


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