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I didn't get to see the show tonight.

We got there and it was sold out. I guess how it worked was even though they weren't selling tickets in advance, you could call and reserve seats. When we got there, a half hour prior to the show, there was a huge line and a sign was on the door that said "both shows sold out." We were put on a waiting list, but it's not really worth $20 each to stand way in the back and not be able to see. I've seen shows at Improv Inferno before and it is set up with cafe tables and stuff all around the stage and there are seats over to the side. We would have probably had to stand behind the seats if we got in at all, which just isn't worth it. Oh well, it would have been fun. We were bummed, but I guess that's how it goes. Was anyone else able to see the show?

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