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Born on March 31, 1972

Born in Boston, raised in Vermont.

Andrew Bowen started his acting career at age 6. Over the next year, he starred in his first play and did over 16 plays over the next few years. At age 13, he landed his own agent. During his education, Andrew Bowen commuted his way to auditions, school work and a part-time job. In 1990, Andrew Bowen moved to L.A. to take up acting full time. Over the years, Andrew Bowen had appeared in over 26 commercials and spots. While viewing the promo for "Fox Hunt", Warner Brothers executives were really impressed and they quickly signed him on a developement deal with Warner Brothers Television. In the fall of 1997, Andrew Bowen went in star in a short film called "Operation" which premiered in the SUNDANCE Film Festivals in 1998. Later that spring, Andrew flew over to Irleand to star in "Henry James' the Ghostly Rental." Later, Andrew Bowen returned to L.A. to be part of the cast members of MAD tv. Doing unforgettable impressions on famous Hollywood stars such as, Keanu Reeves, Nicholas Cage, Christopher Walkens, Christian Slater, Brad Pitt, etc. Andrew will later be seen in the movie, "Evolution." In 1999, Andrew Bowen directed, wrote, filmed, and starred in his film, "The Haven." Based on a short story of one his friends, Andrew Bowen sold most of his stuff for money to make this outstanding film for the first 12 days. With luck, they pulled it off and "The Haven" was finished.

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