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Graduation Speech (bush style) - Meh, i think his Bush impressions and scripting are horribly going downhill, it makes me sad since Frank is such an amazing impressionist. Not too bad but definetly not his best to open his final episode with.

Video Game Awards - Funny for the first little while, but very predictable with the second set of nominees for best sound which i thought was kind of lame. The ending part with the space invaders was pretty good though.

Nascar - Hah, this one was actually tolerable. The fact that Kurt was actually fun in the sketch was good. The only part that bothered me was the overexaggerated ending with bobby freaking out.

DPTTM - i like this character, i think hes an absolute riot. Never seems to dissapoint me. The only problem i really had with this sketch was the basis, i dont like the whole racist thing referring to terrorism, although it did lead to some funny jokes, im not massively opposed to it, just a little weirded out i guess.

Graduation (Randy Jackson) - Thank god for NRj, this sketch was good and it didnt drag on. Probably one of the highlights of the episode by far. I loved the high pitch voice parts. And oddly enough, NRJ makes a scarily convincing man.

Workshop - This one wasnt too bad, the only downside was that the opening felt a little too dragged on before it got to all the funnies. But at the end it certainly was pretty funny, and i really didnt see the decapitation coming, that made me laugh.

Stuart - A really good one, i love the sketches where the people almost break out of character, and the other ones just play off it. It requires some really good acting skill to not burst out.

Cragg - I really dislike cragg sketches, alot! they just arent my thing, i find them to be way to childish and rely on stupid potty humour like racism or stupid pranks that poke fun at people. Never liked the hes our mark because hes an emotional wreck and poor blah blah, it makes cragg look like such an ass in my mind.

Grad (shatner) - Not bad, i like his shatner impression the best. Not too bad of a close for Caliendo, liked the mad clapping by Caeti at the end.

Overall not too bad i give it a 3/5. One of the better of the season in some aspects. Sad that its the final episode and that Caliendo isnt coming back.
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