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Graduation speech (Bush)--The funniest part is the comment about the "interesting people shooting gallery," albeit in that black-humor sort of way that any Dubya joke pertaining to that sh!thole war of his would be. (No, that didn't sound bitter. ) A couple of other parts are funny too, but this is just an okay opener.

"Video Game Awards"--Overall, this is quite disappointing. However, a couple of humorous moments stick out: (1) the fact that Pong and Asteroids are the only two games which are nominated and (2) Ike's intentionally lame Mark Spitz impression, which effectively satirizes the overall lameness of '70s TV. (I was there, ya know. ) [sarcasm]Oh, and isn't Arden's Farrah impression a total riot?[/sarcasm]

"Ike and Bobby at NASCAR" (or whatever it's called)--For the most part, these segments have been the highlights of this season for me. (Yeah, yeah, shuddup, already.) Bobby's parts, as always, are the best: his various comments ("I feel 'noodley'"; "I'm real tight"; "You're a liar") and of course his screaming and crying fits. The outtakes at the end are similarly hilarious, esp. when Ike yells at the racers to shut up.

"DPTTM"--Mofaz has never been one of my fave McD characters, but I do like the inclusion of the two Franks as FBI agents trying unsuccessfully to catch Mofaz in a terrorist confession. The jokes, as usual, are lame and overdone, even if the sketch's overall premise is somewhat amusing. And for the last @#$%! time, Michael, "I peed a little" is NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!!!! Ahem, okay, let's move on.

Graduation speech (Randy Jackson)--For me, this is the second-best thing NRJ has done this season. It's an effective impression, even though NRJ's voice keeps breaking--and even (especially?) that is funny.

"Workshop"--I'm encouraged by these strong one-off sketches we're seeing toward season's end. Everyone is great in this, even if the sketch is grosser than Rosie O'Donnell's innards after a barbecue. (Poor Rosie--so easy to pick on.) Watching the guys try in vain to conceal the increasingly more severe accidents from their boss is just a hoot, and the ending is perfect. One of the season's best.

Stuart encore--Is it really true that "MADtv" gave voters only, like, five Stuart sketches to choose from? It's like telling people to pick the best person to lead the U.S. and giving them only two old, white males to choose....Oh, hehehe, yeah, anyway, the two encores I've seen so far HARDLY rank as the best Stuart sketches. The only truly funny things about this one are seeing Mo crack up (again) and watching McD goad her (again).

"Steven Cragg: Friendship"--Boy, these Cragg bits are either feast or famine, huh? Well, fortunately, this one's a winner, not a wiener. I've never laughed so hard during a stabbing, and Cragg's indignance at the end--"I'm a professional joke writer!"--is hilarious too.

Graduation speech (Wm. Shatner)--Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, don't go out like this, babe. Yes, the impression is accurate, but since when has that ever mattered in the grand scheme of things? I snickered a little at the "Priceline" crack, but that's about it.

I'm giving 1121 a 3/5 rating, as in half good, half bad, with the good just outweighing the bad. Even though the womenfolks is almost nowhere to be found in this ep, I for one don't mind since, for the most part, I've found the ladies to be quite disappointing this season. If that admission makes me a sexist oink in your eyes, then just call me Rush Limbaugh, and slide over the bacon. (Make it "fakin' bacon," though, 'cause I'm a vegetarian. )

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