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For the Who/What: In the opening sketch there's a Bush impression, and keegan is in it as the speaker....

The video game sketch has Mike as joe namath and arden as farrah fawcett and ike as mark spitz, and keegan, jordan and danielle play 3 of the jackson 5.

Um, in the metal workers sketch, I dont think they had names but it was both Franks, keegan, jordan, Ike and bobby....

In the second grad part its Nicole as the first speaker and NRJ as Randy Jackson....

Then there is stuart visits his father

Ummm.....then (im trying to remember here).....oh DPTTM with Mike as Mofaz and Keegan as I think Osama Bin laden, with the 2 franks as FBI agents....

um thats all I remember for now

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