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Blah. Okay, so I didn't realize NASCAR was on tonight, which bumped the news back. So, I assumed that the news would take up an hour block, so I only started watching TV at midnight.

So I was in the middle of the Angry Persian Towtruck Man sketch, when he starts to talk about his terrorist aunt Waddles. Lol, I liked it...I guess. It was better than the previous ones. Maybe it's just that it's cute to see Caeti and Caliendo together.

That graduation thing... it was good, I guess. I had a double take and realized it was Nicole RJ, who was really funny to me. Love her voice range. And after watching an episode of American Idol (which I normally don't), I think she got the impression down good. The voice squeaking, I'm not sure about that.

Then there was that factory worker sketch. From the commercial, I thought I would really dislike this one, since it used grossout humor. I actually enjoyed it. I had the volume down low because my friend needed some sleep, so I couldn't hear the laughter (dunno if there was any). Anyway, I did catch a discrepancy (there's a very quick shot of Bobby with both eyes uncovered), and the expressions were just fantastic, lol. Sounds like something ripped out of a Final Destination film ;X

Um...then came the encore. I always laugh when Mo breaks into a giggle.

Then came another one of those graduation sketches with William Shatner I think. Nope, this wasn't funny =/ But at least Caliendo and Caeti's performance in the factory one made up for it.

Oh and Cragg. LMAO. This was probably the first (and only) Cragg sketch in which I was only cringing at the title sequence. I liked it. I didn't like the IDEA at first, but it was really funny when his friends turned back on him. Heh.

From what I saw, which was a little over half, I could say this was good
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