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Default Episode S11E21 (Aired 2006-05-13)

Cast: Ike Barinholtz, Frank Caliendo, Crista Flanagan, Daniele Gaither, Keegan-Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Michael McDonald, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, Jordan Peele

Featuring: Frank Caeti, Nicole Randall Johnson

Guest Star: Kurt Busch

Special Appearance: Steven Cragg [MADtv Writer], Mo Collins
  • Graduation Speech: George W. Bush (Keegan, Frank Cal- George Bush)
  • 1st Annual Video Game Awards (Michael- Joe Nameth, Arden- Farrah Fawcett, Ike- Mark Spitz, Daniele- Jackie Jackson, Nicole RJ- Marlon Jackson, Jordan- Michael Jackson, Keegan- Jermaine Jackson, Bobby)
  • Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar #1 (Ike- Himself, Bobby- Himself, Kurt Busch- Himself)
  • Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Tapped Out (Michael- Mofaz, Keegan, Frank Cal, Frank Cae)
  • Graduation Speech: Randy Jackson (Nicole P, Nicole RJ- Randy Jackson)
  • Metal Workshop Pizza Party (Frank Cae, Frank Cal, Bobby- Bert, Jordan, Keegan- Reggie, Ike)
  • Encore: Stuart Meets His Father (#823) (Michael- Stuart Larkin, Mo Collins- Doreen Larkin)
  • Cragg: Practical Jokes (Steven Cragg- Himself)
  • Graduation Speech: William Shatner (Frank Cal- William Shatner, Frank Cae)
  • Close: Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar #2 (Ike-Himself, Bobby-Himself, Kurt Busch- Himself)

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