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Default MADtv Theme Song

MADtv Theme Song Lyrics - Original 1995 Version
Performed by Heavy D

Uh, come on, yeah
Yeah, uh, come on, come on, MAD
Uh, come on, yeah,
Yeah, uh, come on, come on, MAD

MAD, you’re so MAD, crazy
MAD, ooooh, MAD, ooooh

MAD, Mad, you’re so MAD, crazy
You drive me wild, MAD
Oooooh, MAD, ooooh

You are now watching MADtv...MAD

Note: the theme song has never changed, except that a short jingle at the beginning was cut beginning with season 4, and season three cuts out part of the song. The season 1 & 2 version has some additional jack-in-the-box noises in the background.

To download the original track on WinMX or other similar software, search for Stuart vs. Ja Rule. It is at the beginning of the track.

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