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Default A Quick Timeline: Lisa Donovan

To get on MADtv you have to do many things to build up your skills. Take acting classes, get a spot in Second City, or the Groundlings, or even go to Amsterdam to be a part of Boom Chicago, but for Lisa Donovan, she had to do few of these. How she was discovered and given the opportunity to be on MADtv was because of a video she made called Teenie Weenie that caught the eye of Nicole Garcia the MADtv casting director. Lisa had always had ambitions to become an actress, but could not get hired to a big acting school, so she made her own production company (a small one) and started producing videos on youtube. She is one of youtube's most popular contributors and is one of few users who actually get money from youtube for her work. Though her stay on the show was short, it was historic, as she proved that even people making their small videos on youtube, and other sites, can rise to fame. People, the short timeline of Lisa Donovan on MADtv.

2006: Lisa is a late addition to MADtv's 12 season. Becoming the only feature cast member that season.

February 17, 2007: Lisa appears in her first episode. Her first sketch is called The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ugly Betty where she plays Selma Hyack. Watch the sketch

May 5, 2007: Lisa appears in her last episode. Her last sketch would be called Tank: NASCAR.

2007: Lisa is not brought back for MADtv's 13th season.

Life After MAD

Well, there's the short, but historic run of Lisa Donovan on MADtv. There is a rumour that has gone around that the cast members did not like Lisa because they all had to go to groups like the Groundlings and Second City to get there spot on the show, and all Lisa had to do was film herself in front of her own camera and she got on the show. This is probably why Lisa's chances of returning to MADtv are small. Whatever the reason Lisa wasn't invited back for she is still doing what she loves. Her own creations on youtube, and maybe that's what she likes better, as she is in charge of her own work, and gets to be in what she wants. She is her own cast member, and there's nothing wrong with that.


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