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Thanks for the really interesting post on Pat Kilbane, chopperQ. Based on the somewhat sarcastic nature of the first couple of replies I got when I asked my question, I thought maybe I had broken some sort of unspoken Planet Mad TV protocol by asking. You provided a lot of really good insight and information that I will follow up on because I would like to see more of him.

I would think his move back to Ohio probably provides at least one good reason for his shortened resume. Maybe he just didn't like LA and I imagine it is much more difficult to get work while living in Ohio. I just still have a hard time believing he doesn't work more because no one in the entire entertainment business felt that he had talent. I hope I am not so out of touch that I am the only one that enjoys his comedy. Well, at least there are two of us.

His style seems very unique to me and I really enjoy his physical comedy. He just has a way of carrying himself that really cracks me up. I love his Stan The Coffee Guy character. Personally, I'd rather watch Stan the Coffee Guy than a LOT of the characters I see in sitcoms and movies.

P.S. I know it's a long shot, but you wouldn't know where I might be able to see or get a copy of "The Pat Kilbane Show" pilot, would you? I'd love to see what it was all about.

P.S.S. I read a couple of posts that suggested he was let go from Mad TV as opposed to leaving by his own choice. I think one person even suggested that it was some kind of choice between him and Michael McDonald. I hate to bug, but since you seem wlling to actually talk about Pat, I was wondering if you had any insight into this. Was he really let go from the show?
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