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I seriously doubt this is a sign that Debra is leaving, for two reasons:

1.) It's far too late in the season. Alex and Phil appeared regularly in the first few episodes, and then had really small roles for the rest of the first half, and were basically absent from the second half. Nicole just basically always had a really small role for her last two seasons.

2.) Debra's appeared way too much this season. Up until the the last couple episodes she appeared more often than anyone else - this was basically the complete opposite for Alex, Phil, and Nicole. The last episode, there were only 5 new cast member sketches, and she wouldn't fit in any of the roles AT ALL except for maybe as the woman in the Stuart sketch. They probably just barely had any sketches with Debra in them on hand when they compiled this episode, because of how many of them they used before.

3.) Debra's still too involved with the show. Unlike the rest of the cast members, she still does stuff for the website - like that hooker boots thing, the behind-the-scenes stuff.

The only one I can see leaving right now is Aries because his role is usually quite small, although he actually got a pretty big handful of roles in the last episode.

The only one who was absent from this taping, it seems to me, is Stephnie. The only time she appeared was in the Angela one, and we just had an Angela one last episode, so they probably had to include it in this one cuz she would be otherwise absent, and she's too popular with the fans and stands out too much, that it would be pretty obvious she wasn't there.
It's hard to tell this season though, because in the past you could always tell who was absent from the taped episode because they wouldn't appear in the stage closing at the end - that's why Nicole only managed to tape in about 2/3 of the episodes but only "missed" five in season six.
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