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Bomb, Bomb, Bomb: This video was stupid. Bobby's impression is okay but I've never heard this song or seen th video. They do too many of these and they only do rap or r&b videos, never rock ones. 2/5

CSI: This was a fairly decent parody, nothing special and generated around the same type of joke. Something you'd see from earlier seasons. 4/5

Angela: This was funny but dragged out way too long so it wasn't as sharp. Still a great character and very funny. 3.5/5

Queen Of Queens: This parody was too stupid. Frank put on a good impression but the premise was too simple and boring. I was also waiting for a Nicole-impersonator to walk in but it never happened. 1/5

Jump Rope #5: Amusing, just as good as the other ones, neat idea I guess. 3/5

Commercials: This I thought was good and bad. Aries was a little weak but Ron was fabulous as usual and stole the sketch. 4/5

Saddam's Party: This was pretty fun. There wasn't much plot to it (beginning, middle, end) and only Ron's and Bobby's impressions were strong (Ike was terrible) It was still enjoyable, something you'd see on Air Farce. 3/5

Bush Family Fitness: This was okay. It wasn't anything special except taking two impressions and throwing them into something unusual. Frank's impression is only okay but for some reason it's the best compared to Will Sasso's, Christian's, Chris Parnell's and Will Ferrel's. Bush isn't easy to do and at least it wasn't annoying and the voice was close. 3/5

Birdsitter: This was possibly one of the worst sketches of season 7, Rob said so himself. I think they only put this in to remind us that MADtv has made an improvement to help keep viewers. Seeing Andrew daly again wasn't pleasing. 1/5

Dating Your Mom: This was terrible. Josh and Ike's sketches are not funny, it's just a little story with a small comic twist. Josh was okay in this but it proves Ike cannot act and is just annoying, not funny. Why these two were allowed to do this still baffles me. i enjoyed the birdsitter sketch better than this. 1/5

t.A.t.U. Performance: In this lip-syncing spectacle, one of the girls knocks over her microphone stand, moves the microphone away from her mouth but the words are strangly still sung. THis was hilarious and easily the best sketch of the night. Great make-up job too, couldn't tell which one was Mo and which one was Stephnie. 5/5

Close/ Jump Rope #6: This was as good as the 5th one. 3/5

Overall: This episode was a little disapointing, almost as bad as the last "tribute to music" one. No sketches except CSI and Ron Pederson's performaces really stood out. Other than that, there were some okay appearances here and there but it reminded me of season 6 or 7 too much. Maybe because the ENCORE was from then (with Andrew Daly) and a terrible music performance plus 2 Jump Rope sketches, and the featured players dominated the episode including another horrible Josh and Ike originale! Another observation was that the efforts of the main cast were weak. lastly, Debra Wilson was completely absent from this episode once again which makes you wonder if she's pulling another Nicole, Phil or Alex??? The cast was down to 6 people with mainly featured players starring in everything (Ron I'm not complaining about) Overall, likely the second worst episode of the season. 5/10.

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