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Something else I'd like to add.

The Hills was pretty awesome too. I'm soo soo soo glad tnhey didn't just plan to rely on the jessica joke forever. Crista was awesome in this sketch just because of 'the face.' How skeezy did Ike look? I imagine thats what the guy looks like on the Hills but holy skeezeball. His lines were hilarious though, I was pretty much pulling the same face as Krista. Nicole was obviously great too with how she reacted but Crista was the best part I think.
And what was with Frank's lack of presence in the episode? He had a character in The Hills but didn't have any real lines or anything. I hope he gets an episode dedicated to just him for this lol.

Oh and are the songs in these sketches based on the real opening songs of Laguna beach and the Hills? They sound like Hilary Duff and Natadsha Beddingfield but I can't think those songs would be used in an actual show...

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