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just got back. got there way too early for the 830 show, so they let us into the first showing at 430.. which ended up starting at 6pm and running until 9pm.

the warm up guy is pretty funny, walking on the seats over people, carassing men's faces while singing to them.

it was fun.. although the 'fantastic giveaways' that i read about were more along the lines of candy and chips thrown into the crowd.. and a select few got dvds and shirts.

michael mcdonald messes with bums and plays a foreign overly hygenic waiter, bobby lee hams it up for the crowd, playing a filipino whore in one skit, and jordan does a BET music video.

we were invited to stay for the 9p showing, but staying around until midnight is pretty rough for me being jetlagged and all.

tonight's taping airs september 30th.

I could go into more detail about the sketches, but i dont know how the forum does with spoilers and whatnot.
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