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Default Episode S05E21 (Aired 2000-04-15)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Featuring: Brooke Totman

Guest Starring: Judge Joe Brown
  • One-Hit Wonder Songs (Pat- Luke Perry, Aries- Method Man, Mo- Martha Stewart, Debra- Dionne Warwick, Michael- John Ramsey, Alex- Patsy Ramsey)
  • On The Streets With Jewel (Mo- Jewel, Alex, Pat- Gappy McGee)
  • Celebrity Pajama Party (Pat- Jack Nicholson, Will- Steven Seagal, Phil- Prince, Aries- Eddie Murphy)
  • Antiques Road Show #1 (Will- Fenton Kenilworth, Mo- Connie)
  • FANatic: Shania Twain (Mo- Shania Twain, Brooke- Carrie Bicknell, Michael- John)
  • Antiques Road Show #2 (Will- Fenton Kenilworth, Debra- Betsy Williams)
  • Dylan & Kerry's Wedding (Pat, Alex, Brooke- Sherry, Will- Barry, Mo- Kerry)
  • Antiques Road Show #3 (Will- (Will- Fenton Kenilworth, Alex- Gertrude)
  • Alison: Musical Chairs (Alex- Alison, Debra- Randi Solomon, Pat- Steven Solomon)
  • Antonia Perfume (Nicole- Antonia)
  • Bunifa: Judge Joe Brown (Brooke- Jacque Kessler, Pat- Lester Williams, Debra- Bunifa, Judge Joe Brown)
  • Close: Mo, Michael & Cast
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