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Default Episode S05E14 (Aired 2000-01-29)

Cast: Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Pat Kilbane, Phil LaMarr, Michael McDonald, William Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson

Guest Starring: Tim Robbins
  • Open: Jesse Jackdon (Aries - Jesse Jackson, Will- as self)
  • Blind Date (Pat-Roger Lodge, Mo- Kim, Aries-OJ Simpson)
  • Crook & Chase (Pat, Mo, Phil- Hatman Williams)
  • Stick Chicks III (Alex- Echo, Nicole- Champange, Debra- Autumn, Michael- Dasher, Aries, Will)
  • Reading Caboose (Michael- Carl, Mo- Miss Janice, Tim Robbins - Terrence)
  • Good Job (Nicole- Wendy)
  • Rocket Revengers in Excitocolor (Alex-Linda Delowelk, Phil- Lincoln Willis, Will- Tinyl, Pat- Nick Bendix, Mo- Betty, Debra- Tukha)
  • MADClassic- Vista Card Militia (from #113)
  • Captain Kirk Show (Will- William Shatner: James Kirk, Pat- Leonard Nimoy: Spock, Mo- Martha Stewart)
  • Show Close- Debra & the Cast

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