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Default Best/worst stand-up comic?

Hey guys, I was wondering whats everybody's fave stand up comedian.?
I have many at the moment. and I hope you guys dont mind me giving a reason
Dane Cook- hes a hack claim the media. But hes a funny hack. And he's from Boston, MA!!
Kathy Griffin- so funny. Lucky enough to see her ...Is Not Nicole Kidman comedy show and Ive been hooked ever since. What a hoot!
Lisa Lampanelli- The reason I watch the Comedy Central roasts. Shes like watching an old lady slip. You shouldnt laugh but its oh so funny.!
Dave Chappelle- Hilarious.
Wanda Sykes- The female version of Katt Williams. Shes funny and endearing too.
George Carlin- doesnt need an introduction by me! Hes excellent. Pioneer. RIP
Mitch Hedburg- I would of loved to of seen him live. His funny oneliners will never be forgotton. Gone far too soon. RIP
Bill Hicks- Again, gone too soon. He made everyday subjects like, religion and politics funny, RIP
Pablo Francisco- How can you not find his movie guy voice funny? Ha also MADtv alum! Great vocal talent and alot of the time, what he says is true!
Sarah Silverman- Queen of insults. Acid tongued comedy was never this good!

Margaret Cho- I just dont find her funny!
Janeane Garofalo-ditto
Rita Rudner- she reminds me of my mother.
Carlos Mencia- Far too OTT and annoying for my liking. His Tv show is fine but his stand up is terrible.

Honorary mentions who didnt make the best list...
Greg Giraldo
Anjelah Johnson (MADTV woop)
Robert Kelly
Lucas Molandes (check him out)

Any opinions???
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