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I think Frank's is the best Bush impression too - most impressionists can't nail the voice right, and the way his eyes kinda slant and the way his mouth moves, but Frank nails it spot-on, even though he's built nothing like him.

Rob rated the Murderer sketch as THE worst sketch of season seven, in the season seven overview.

The sketch with Simon was taped awhile ago. They don't show all the sketches taped in one episode together, they'll often show ones much later (such as Daphne Aguleira) and ones earlier than planned (like Angela).

BTW.. Debra isn't the first one to be absent this season too. Aries was absent, and the past couple episodes he's been appearing more than he usually does. Bobby was absent for two consecutive episodes, and now he gets more roles than he ever did. I'm sure Debra won't be going anywhere.
Plus, if that Daria R. person is right, Debra will be sticking around for another season.
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