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Post Episode S13E01 (Aired 2007-09-15)

MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation

Guest Starring (New Footage): Jerry Springer

Special Appearances by Former Cast Members (Old Footage): Pat Kilbane, Mo Collins, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Stephnie Wier, Ike Barinholtz, Alex Borstein, Josh Meyers, Frank Caliendo, Frank Caeti, and Daniele Gaither

Special Appearances by Current Cast Members (Old Footage): Michael McDonald, Jordan Peele, Bobby Lee, Crista Flanagan, and Keegan-Michael Key

Special Appearance by Current Cast Members (New Footage): Nicole Parker

*Voiceovers not included.


Jerry Springer on the set of his show The Jerry Springer Show has assembled an audience of traumatised people who say that MADtv ruined their life.

Jerry shows a sketch from MADtv that "devastated" his audience.

The Wizard of Oz: Lost Footage #519

Jerry says that after the commercial break, Nicole Parker is going to come out and tell her side of the story. Even though Nicole shouldn't be able to hear the audience from backstage, there boos are so loud that they are getting through the sound proof wall.

Brown Business #924

Nicole comes out to tell the audience that MADtv is not out to hurt anyone. She then tells the audience to watch the next sketch to prove what she is talking about.

Batteries Not Included #1119

Nicole asks how the pervious sketch could ruin anyone’s life. That is when a night’s watchman stands up and says that since seeing the sketch, whenever he turns on his flashlight he gets a boner. The audience then starts chanting "flashlight boner". Jerry admits that the sketch might be funny to some people, but the next sketch is just downright wrong.

ABC News This Week: Zapruder Home Movies #523

As the audience boos, Nicole tells the audience "I didn't write it!", and "Write a letter! Complain to your governor!"

Commercial: RU486 #1206

As the show comes back from commercial, Nicole says that she thinks the audience is overreacting. As the audience boos, Jerry goes to talk to a priest who doesn't think so.

Father Kelly & The Priests: "Hot Up Here" #803

The priest finds the sketch very offensive. The priest is so mad that he takes his 3 scout boys and leaves the show.

John Madden: Valentine's Day Birdhouse #1013

Jerry wonders if MADtv draws the line when it comes to children’s programming. He asks the audience to judge.

Sesame Street: Bird Flu #1108

Nicole sees a little boy crying in the audience. When she goes to ask him what's wrong, the kid tells her he's upset "because Elmo died". He then lets out a considerable number of swears before storming out of the studio. As the audience boos her, Nicole can't contain herself, and tells everyone "Y'all trippin your asses off!" in a southern accent. She then apologises for her disgusting tone, but Jerry assures her that on his show its ok, in fact encouraged. The audience boos her as Nicole looks more and more scared for her safety.

Jerry thinks that the audience is making a good case for MADtv. Nicole then loses it, saying that the audience "is just a big bunch of stupid’s!". She goes on a tirade, kicking over her chair, and taking off her shirt (Nicole has an undershirt on).

A Football Thing #905

As the audience boos, Nicole asks what's so wrong about man on man love. She then starts to get really mad, and wants to take his anger out on Jerry, but is restrained by Jerry's bodyguards.

Nicole yells out that "comedy is really hard". Jerry shows the audience what he thinks she's talking about.

Brian's Secret Skill #702

Nicole is losing her strength to fight. She tries to win the audience over by doing her Ellen DeGeneres, and Britney Spears impressions, but she is just booed. Trying to find some way to win the audience over, she asks if people would just like her if she started poll dancing on The Jerry Springer Show Poll. The audience cheer in a resounding yes, and Nicole starts poll dancing.

Jerry does his Final Thought. In his thought, he says that the show has proven that MADtv doesn't ruin lives, it enriches them. As the show ends, Nicole walks over to one of Jerry's body guards and hugs him for an awkwardly long time.

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