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Well, I have decided to review some of the earlier here it goes....

I didn't find this too funny. Although, I did like towards the end where David drinks the nasty stuff. But that only got a chuckle out of me. It was more sickening than funny.

Opening: Andrea Martin (Host)
I think Andrea Martin is a funny person but I didn't find this opening too funny. Nothing really special here. I don't know why I decided to rate this, but I did.

Slang Gang
Ahh, I love one-off sketches. I liked this one. Debra's fast talking has always been funny. And I happen to agree with what was said in the beginning of the sketch and that would be that white america is ripping off their slang. I know that wasn't the exact line but it was something like that. I dub this sketch to be "Ebola" (hehe).

Christian Groupies
Andrea Martin's first appearence since the bad opening that happened earlier. And she does a good job here. I would, however, consider Mary to be the star of this sketch because I think she had more lines than Andrea. Although, I did like when Andrea's character got possesed and Nicole's shrieking was hilarious.

Drunk President
A good idea for a sketch and it worked quite well. David and Artie put on solid performances in this sketch. When we gave canda Aerosmith for some of their provinces, that was funny. Also when Artie told David about how he had cured cancer. Another awesome one-off sketch.

LA Valet
Was this a parody of something? Anyways, I like the way it was filmed. Which is what MADtv was known for in the early years. However, as much as I liked how this sketch was filmed, it only got a few chuckles out of me. Such as when Phil and Nicole got in on. But still, like i said, not really good.

My favorite sketch of the night. Andrea Martin really brings the funny here. She plays a new employee who has the job of firing 40 people. She starts out all soft but she gets meaner and goes on a firing rampage. Really hilarious. Her cheerleading bit was the best IMO.

Speckie The Speculum
Some people may disagree, but I didn't really like this sketch. It just didn't make me laugh much. But I did like the voices that phil used for speckie and "Pappy the pap smear". Ehh, it was alright.

The Basement
The killer granny, Mrs Vigor (Mary Scheer) returns. In this sketch, cops investigate the different murders and find a bunch of bodies in the basement. However, I liked the first one the most. I didn't really see the need for this one. I liked the story about how she killed her son but other than that, not very good.

Monologue: Andrea Martin
It's time for Andrea Martin's monologue. It starts out kind of slow but it grows as it goes on. It was a little funny but rolling around on the floor funny.

Funniest Sketch Of The Night: Downsizing
Least Funny Sketch Of The Night: Monologue

I wouldn't count the opening as a sketch, but I would count the Monologue as one. That's why it the least funny thing

Overall, Some good stuff from Andrea Martin when she was in sketches. Her monologue wasn't very good and I didn't really enjoy the opening. The sketches in this episode made up for it.

Episode Grade: B


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