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Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
I don't really know if I see a point in creating such a narrowly defined word to put beautiful women into.
No, there's certainly no particular point to it -- this is just one of the select few topics I've found I can delve into deeply enough that my mind is temporarily shielded from the topics I *don't* want it focused on (read: just about everything else this world has to offer). That said, anything further I could add here -- and I *did* have a few things typed up -- would only be tangential to the discussion, so I'll leave it at that for now. Good debate.

Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
We shant accept it. You people need to learn how to take an awkward, bad sounding compliment when you hear one!

Would "thick" be acceptable to Her Majesty?

Originally Posted by MADfan2004 View Post
Are we still playing the game or are we talking about "ghetto" and "chubby"?
Thanks for setting us straight, cartman.

Based on the second picture (which I'm about to edit out on the grounds of it being borderline pornography), hit it. Because only the first picture will remain, though, I'm afraid I have to quit this one. Blech.

Since we're apparently skipping Angela (which is probably for the best ), here's a new one:

Cardin McKinney: One of the latest (and definitely one of the greatest) Idol rejects. Hit it or quit it?

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