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Originally Posted by NemesisDesign View Post
Ok, so I admit, my sources on this theory include one of those "social experiment" episodes of the Tyra Banks show, but my point is still valid
You have no idea how close I am to hunting you down and stabbing you in the face.

10 is a pretty damn short list though. I could rack up 10 people I'd put on that list just going to my college and returning home one day.
I think what we have here is yet another clash of terminology. To me, "beautiful" is, by far, the most powerful compliment you can pay a woman, and it's a word I therefore don't dispense lightly. When you talk about racking up a similarly sized list just going about your day-to-day business, these are surely very attractive girls you're coming across (and probably ones worth slotting under the "I'd hit the fuck out of it" club, no less), but that's where I would draw the line. Many, many girls are *attractive* -- in fact, just about everyone is in their own way -- but maddeningly few possess the sheer radiance and, perhaps more importantly, the timelessness of a true beauty. The way I rave about Reiko today, for example, is the same way I'll be raving about her ten years from now; she may, someday, be surpassed (although, the more I see, the more I doubt that), but I'll always consider her to be just as breathtaking as I did on day one. Anyone I'm unable to say that about, I believe, simply isn't worthy of the term -- hence, the extreme brevity of my list. [On a side-note, I stated "no more than ten" in my original post; the actual number is more like seven or eight.]

There was a time when I too had no standards -- when I too had a new flavor for every month -- but when you're able to flip-flop from girl to girl so readily, your flavor of the month couldn't have been all that flavorful to begin with, right? Precious little truly impresses me these days, but the once or twice a year someone like Reiko or Crista catches my eye, I can't help but feel like everything balanced out quite nicely.

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