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Originally posted by Minky

I said that in October and look how quickly this thread has come to life. I agree with you, mizzimad!
This is seriously the best place online for Hermanheads... and probably the only place. It's great to see all of the people emerging who like Dave too, especially since he's rather obscure (and terribly underrated).
I, personally, am very partial to Marsh from X News. It seems to me that Dave really inhibited that character and gave him a lot of life. Marsh is so obnoxious that I can't help but love him . I mean, come on people... "in bees-nes ners tow-dee"... that just kicks ass.
This is where I go to talk about Dave. You're right Minky, Dave is underrated, and mizzimad, Pat Kilbane is underrated also. I love X-News. (Who wouldn't???)

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