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Originally posted by Minky

I said that in October and look how quickly this thread has come to life. I agree with you, mizzimad!
This is seriously the best place online for Hermanheads... and probably the only place. It's great to see all of the people emerging who like Dave too, especially since he's rather obscure (and terribly underrated).
I, personally, am very partial to Marsh from X News. It seems to me that Dave really inhibited that character and gave him a lot of life. Marsh is so obnoxious that I can't help but love him . I mean, come on people... "in bees-nes ners tow-dee"... that just kicks ass.
I agree with you, Minky, that Dave is grossly underrated. In fact, after Pat Kilbane, I'd say that D.H. the single most underrated "MADtv" performer of all. (I place Pat Kilbane before Dave in this regard only because, unlike Herman, Kilbane just seemed to disappear forever after flying the Alfred E. coop.) As I've said before, David Herman tends to inspire either devotion or disgust in "MADtv" fans. I mean, to me, the Daveman is brilliant; however, for some ungodly reason, certain "MADtv" fans simply find him obnoxious. (Infidels!) Not that I'm comparing, but didn't Andy Kaufman also inspire this kind of polarity? Hmmm....At any rate, the Daveman indeed deserves more credit than he's been given for his priceless contributions to "The Alf E. Comedy Extravaganza."

"X News" is simply one of the most hilarious recurring ensemble sketches in television history, if not the most hilarious. (Can't think of any better ones at the moment...hehehehe.) Nicole S. and Dave really work well together, and their portrayals of obnoxious yet likable Gen-X slackers are dead-on. My fave "X News" sketch has to be the one in which Marsh, to quote Nic's Amy character, "sets back race relations, like, 400 years" with his well-intentioned but thoughtless racial comments. Oy, that Marsh knows how to open up his beak and shove in his podiatric matter, doesn't he? Still, there's no such thing as a bad "X News" sketch, and Marsh always delivers. Oh, and Amy's not too shabby herself. Then again, you folks have a diehard Nicole nut in your midst, so I hope I'm still wanted here. If I'm not, then I'll stomp my feet and cry--and, well, things could get pretty messy.

That's all I feel like typing right now, fellow Hermanheads. I'm shutting the f**k up in customary mizzimad fashion to give these words of *cough!* wisdom a chance to soak into the darkest recesses of your cerebral matter. So considering the length of this post, I guess I'll holler at y'all in about, oh, let's say, 2050. See ya then!

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