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Set in 1956 on a campus,orbits around ballroom dance, golf and the early 19th century Beidermeier school of furniture design. It is an elegaic meditation of friendship and love, the life of the mind versus life as she lived in The World- and it is Lemoine's saddest,most wistful comedy yet.

That's a little tid-bit from the Edmonton Journal .
Ron Pederson has come home this summer to be in the play that he has always dreamed of. I spoke with Ron and he is really excited about this play. A play by Stewart Lemoine, Ron first seen the play when he was a teenager 14 or 15, and now gets the chance to work along side a couple of Edmonton's finest young actors. Jocelyn Ahlf and Josh Dean.Directed by Stewart Lemoine.
They are in rehersal now and the play opens on July 1 at the Varscona in Edmonton.
I also have a little inside info that may be we might see a few of the MADtv past and present cast members come up to see this great play!!!!!

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