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Heres what I thought of Tonight;s Episode:

Olive Garden - This was hilarious...all the food looked

Boy Meets Goy - I frickin loved this...It was hilarious how Michael would get all upset all the time and run around with the boobs bobbin around...haha...that look that Josh kept on makin reminded me of Will's Lance Bass impression..."THIS IS BULL****!"

Kobe Byant Video - This was pretty good....LOL...Teen's Choice..haha

Shawn The Floor Leader - This guy is kinda annoying already...but I enjoyed it...very funny....It was funny how he kept rollina round and bumpin into things....and "After My daddy accidently shot himself in the anus" cracked me up!

Plus Size Ladies Outfits - This was very funny....all of the fat jokes that Gillian and Stephnie kept makin cracked me up

Therapy Session - This was pretty funny...when the guy was pretendin to be the wife and startin huggin and tryin to get on the husband..that was funny

At The Emmys - This was pretty good...

Affleck - This was short but sweet....that duck was awesome..haha

Encore: Hooked on Phonics Violent Video Game - This was funny...I enjoyed it the first time...enjoyed it this time too...wish they would have really old Encores though instead of ones that seemed like they just happened yesterday...

Closing: Red Carpet - Another waste of a closing...*sigh*

Overall this has been the best episode so far this season...that I have seen....Keep up the good work MADtv!
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