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This ep was great! The only bad part is 1) My tape quit on me, so I missed the 2nd half of the Don Cheadle sketch... And 2) The Red Carpet thing was funny except it was a little too forced... like the jokes weren't that funny... but it was ok overall. Its so mean that they wouldn't talk to them! I thought it was hilarious though when they put up the Mo Collins thing like they were interviewing her..

the QVC parody was the best! man it was hilarious

The encore was ok because when i taped it originally I missed the beginning to that- so it was good.. This is the second encore the whole season, and it is another one with just Stephnie.. But as VG pointed out, it shows how well She can carry on a sketch by herself. I really like Stephnie. Shes my favorite castmember now because of Debras Sad departure.

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